The sample of our events have been selected, check them out below.

Outhouse Races

Yup, you guessed it. It is exactly what it sounds like. Local teams work diligently to build their most creative, hilarious, and aerodynamic outhouse. Teams compete against each other in a fun race for the fastest outhouse team. Your team could be this year’s winner. Contact us if you’re interested, still room for some more teams! An alternate location has been secured if the ice isn’t safe.

Snowmobile Water Skip

Don’t forget to gather around the dock near Sheppard’s Cove every weekend to watch the amazing Mike Chimiak make the daring skip across the open waters on his snowmobile. With each jump you wonder whether or not he will make it all the way across. Be prepared, if you sit too close you could get wet. (Will be dependant on ice)

Cook Offs

Every Saturday we have a friendly competition between our local restaurants. Each weekend they are given a menu item for us to serve anonymously to the crowd. Then use your tickets to vote for your favorite. The restaurants love the friendly competition and the crowd enjoys the tasty treats. Usually a sell out, so get there early.

NYS Motorcycle & ATV Ice Races

Competitive motorcycle and ATV races come from all around the region to compete in the ice races on Lake George. It’s exhilarating to compete in and a crowd favorite. For more information contact Frank Carpinello at 330-3648 or 542-2144 or online at

LGWC Parade

Be sure not to miss our parade down Canada St. hosted by Prospect Mountain Diner. Also proudly supported by Mannix Marketing. We still have room for walking participants and floats, contact us if you are interested!

Lake George Dog’s Got Talent

Bring your dog to Shepard’s Park beach and show him or her off!!! Your dog can do a special trick, or just look great, we will have judges and prizes will be awarded. Show starts at 2:30pm each sat and sun during the carnival. SIGN UP BY 2:15pm This is a FREE event!!! You can sign up early at The Dog Cabin, LLC 32 Montcalm Street, Lake George Village. Pawticipants get a free prize and 10% off anything at The Dog Cabin!


Come enjoy our bonfire near Sheppard’s Cove Beach. Warm up near our fire while checking out the fireworks brought to you by Fireworks by Alonzo. Don’t forget to even enjoy some smores fireside with us.

Tavern Competition

Be sure to put together your team to compete in the annual tavern competition hosted by Mario’s Restaurant. Your team will be put to the test on a series of obstacle courses, ridiculous looking races, and challenge your teamwork abilities. A fun atmosphere to compete in, and even better to watch the teams make fools of themselves.

Flag Football

Put together a team of your best buddies and register to compete in our winter flag football. A field is set up in Battlefield park and games continue until we have an overall winner. Cash prize for the winning team.

Ice Diving Demonstration

Come check out Rich Morin’s diving team from the Rich Morin’s Professional Scuba Centeras they explain ice diving and show how it is done. It is a long process and lots of work, but worth checking out.

Kite Flying

Join the American Kite Flyers Association saturdays on the lake as they fly their kites on the lake. Their kites are all different sizes and shapes, a very impressive sight. Check them out online at

This is only a taste of the activities that the Winter Carnival Committee makes possible. Stop on by, grab a program, were sure you’ll find plenty to do!